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Welcome, I'm Glad You're Here.

I'm Jillian Capodice. A Practitioner of Integrative and Traditional Chinese Medicine and writer practicing in New York City. My goal is to help you improve and empower your health.

Health is one of the most valuable assets that many of us are lucky to have but most of us take for granted.  Our society and health system is largely disease-based, not prevention-focused.  In order for us to cultivate health we need knowledge, tools, and people to guide us on how to improve our daily health, promote the power of the body’s innate healing capacity, and help us use lifestyle and non-pharmacological medicines and practices as first-line treatments whenever applicable.  When we use conventional medicine or have to undergo procedures or surgery, complementary medicine practices can help reduce recovery time and expedite healing.

Acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), herbal medicine, and food as medicine are powerful systems of healing.  They are all derived from fundamentals of health, natural functions of the human body, and concepts of life and energy that exists in all living things.

The purpose of my site is to provide you with information and original content on a variety of health and medical topics.  The most common subjects will revolve around health and medicine, herbal medicine and dietary supplements, food and nutrition, mind body practices, sexual health, TCM and other traditional medicines, integrative oncology, and urology.

I created this site to share information and connect with you so please comment on my posts, send me suggestions, or consider making a guest contribution. Thank you for stopping by.

If you have personal health or medical questions, consider becoming a new patient and connect with me here.

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